Father and son, Peter Hapangama and David Hapangama start rubber trading operations.


David's son, Lalith Hapangama, joins the family business - bringing in value added manufacturing concepts


The first Lalan Printing and Packaging factory is commissioned, marking the first diversification from the core rubber trading business.


Lalan Rubbers is established, and begins rubber glove manufacturing operations. This eventually overtakes rubber trading as the core business of the growing group.

1988 - 1998

Lalan Rubbers expands from one production facility to six production facilities.

1998 - 2000

Further expansion sees Lalan Rubbers and Lalan Printing and Packaging grow.


Lalan diversifies into plantation sector; currently holds over 17,000 acres of rubber, tea and coconut plantations.

2004 - 2009

Lalan builds on its international presence through the acquisition of several UK-based companies. Further diversification follows into the engineering and leisure sectors.

2009 - 2014

Lalan Rubbers sets out on an expansion drive, growing to nine production facilities and expanding its product portfolio. Lalan ventures into the renewable energy sector.

2014 - Now

The fourth generation of the family joins the business. Lalan's international operations further expanded with the creation of Lalan Malaysia, Lalan Brazil, Lalan Turkey, and Lalan Middle East.